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Metal Wire Mesh Laminated Glass

Wire mesh glass is made of glass and metal mesh. Metal meshes, which range from delicately woven gauzes to thickly braided weaves and decoratively etched metal foils, offer a diverse range of structural design options. When laminated between two or more layers of glass, these materials provide transparency, stiffness, and structural properties. The metal weaves and meshes will have decorative and aesthetic aspects as a result of this. In the interlayer of traditional laminated glass, decorative laminated glass uses a colored interlayer or embedded ornamental materials such as metal mesh, woven wire mesh, and other decorative materials. The metal mesh laminate not only makes the glass more resistant to breakage, but it also protects people from being injured by glass fragments. Metal mesh laminated glass is both safe and robust, and it provides an elegant and creative touch to the building’s windows. As a result, it has become a fashionable and functional decorating material in contemporary architecture.


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