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Single Glazed Partitions

Single glazed barriers allow natural light to pass through, giving any workstation a more modern air. They are perfect for building conference rooms and offices for quiet work and meetings since they promote visibility across spaces. Our single-glazed systems are more cost-effective than double-glazed systems and may handle a variety of glass thicknesses to provide the needed acoustic performance. As a result, they’re an excellent choice for tasks with a limited budget. Safin Aluminium & Glass Cont. can provide you with a variety of single-glazed systems to meet your acoustic and aesthetic needs.

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Double Glazed Partitions

Double Glazed Partitions are a practical and unique solution for dividing office space discreetly, offering acoustic and visual isolation while allowing natural light to pass through. Our partitions give workspaces a more modern vibe while increasing visibility. Meeting rooms and offices with partitions enable for quiet work and confidential meetings when a high level of acoustic isolation is necessary. Client meeting rooms in law offices are an example of this. Our solutions allow you to accommodate various glass thicknesses, allowing you to obtain a wide range of acoustic ratings.


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