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Sandblasted glass is made by spraying abrasive sand at high velocities across the glass surface, resulting in a product with different degrees of translucency depending on the blast intensity. This gives the surface a rougher texture than etching, but when a protective coating is added, the surface looks and feels like etched glass for a fraction of the price. A number of new glass fads have emerged, many of which revolve around the desire to blend glass and artwork into a single component. While there are a number of ways to accomplish this look, sandblasting bespoke graphics onto the glass is one of the most reliable. Any design imaginable, including company logos, corporate slogans, and creative designs, can be sandblasted onto the glass surface with the help of our in-house design team.

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Acid Frosted Works

Looking for Acid Frosted film, frosted sticker, privacy window film, or a similar alternative in plain or designer, or want to create your own design for your workplace? You’ve come to the correct location.Safin Aluminium & Glass Cont. provides the highest quality acid frosted work items at an affordable price. Safin Aluminium & Glass Cont. is a simple and effective technique to change your ordinary glass into something significant and eye-catching! It provides color, privacy, and flair to your windows, glass panels, and glass doors, enhancing their beauty. Make amazing pieces of art out of kitchen windows, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even partitions and doors.


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